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Monday, May 25, 2009

NASA Honda Challenge WSIR 5-23/24-09

Greetings to all, The 4th NASA event of the season was held Memorial Day Weekend in Rosamond, Ca at Willow Springs Raceway.I hoped to continue my streak of decent runs and get the electrical bug off of my back.I had installed a new sensor on the engine which had failed me,as well as replaced the stock fuel pump with one of higher flow rates to ensure my engine has sufficient fuel.I also had applied some new aggressive alignment settings as well.

Saturday morning I went out for my practice with my Honda Challenge run group.After a few laps I began to drive hard and explore the alignment adjustments I made.I was happy with them and feel the car needed those adjustments.I was distracted however by a lack of power that popped up,a loss of vtec from the computer.Willow Springs is known to be a horsepower track and my car was a sure bet to be running in front.Was I surprised that the stock engined H4 cars were motoring by me! I was strangely in a gear lower than normal all around the track.Usually can use 6th often and this time hardly was able to get into 6th gear with my monster motored car.

The next session was qualifying and I went to give it all I had knowing my engine was down on power. Maximizing what I had,I qualified in the back of the field to no surprise.Then came the afternoon race in about 85 degree weather and super strong west winds about 25 mph at times. I avoided a few incidents in front of me and was keeping up with H4 points leader John Howard.I was actually getting out motored by him and another H4 car as the two battled.I should have been driving around them with my power,but that was not the case.With the super slow and cannibalistic Miata class catching me, I limped home to the checkered flag and made in back in one piece and the car not damaged.

I decided not to run the Sunday race to make sure I did not damage my engine. I will be going to my engine tuner this week to diagnose and repair the issue in the Powertrain Control Module.Also I will be installing some fresh tires and heading to Buttonwillow next month for the sizzling summer stretch of the NASA Honda Challenge racing season. Hopefully I can get the bugs worked out and be up front next time.

Thanks to my partners for your support and thanks for reading,talk to you soon.

Cheers, Justin JW Racing
Monday, May 4, 2009

April 2009 Money Shot Winners Announced!

The second Password:JDM Money Shot voting round has come to an end! Password:JDM would like to thank all who have participated. Without further ado, we are proud to present you with the winners of the April 2009 Money Shot Photo Competition! Click here to view the winners now!