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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Honda Challenge Buttonwillow 10-10-09

Greetings again my friends,
This past weekend,the 10th and 11th of October was the second to last weekend for the NASA So Cal Honda Challenge season.With the summer heat over,it was very pleasant for man and machine to have a weekend at the track that was not too hot for once.With a good showing at the previous California speedway event,I hoped to continue at Buttonwillow.
Saturdays race was great,I ran the best lap times to date on this layout, with my #64 K20 civic,and I was happy with my improvements.This event was a crossover event for Nor cal which meant more and new people to race,we also had a couple visitors from the Utah area and gave me a good run in the H1 class.Traffic was tough this weekend and lots of people were going off track making mistakes.With the dry summer we have had,all of the runoff areas were very dusty and once a car went off it was impossible for the next driver to see through.I had a few of these clouds pop up in front of me and the gut feeling driving into a cloud of blinding dust and darkness is indescribable.I made it to the checked flag with my cautious decisions and finished 2nd in class.
Sunday,a new points day and clean slate,gave me another chance to improve and stay up front.If you have been reading my reports you well know Sunday has been a day of electrical gremlins and this weekend was no different.About half way through the morning qualifier,my car shut off and I had to coast off the track.With some assistance from a fellow racer and his crew,we replaced a suspect sensor and looked over the cars' computer.I did qualify, so I had to try and make the show at least.As I was on grid about to enter the track , my car shut off again and I was unable to continue to start the race.Four sundays in a row of the same issue,after replacing the same sensor,so we are going to replace the wiring harness on the car this time and try again.I am second in H1 class points and hope to make it there or even to #1 in the end as well as get the Rookie of the Year honors.
Thanks to all of my sponsors for your support for this fantastic season and I hope to continue.We will be making some big improvements to the car for the off season so we can be even better next year!
Untill next month for the finale,
Justin - JW Racing


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