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Monday, March 16, 2009

Password:JDM Money Shot - Cast your vote today!

We have received an overwealming response to the first ever Password:JDM Money Shot Photo Competition! Head over to the Money Shot home page to view this months contestants and vote for your favorite today!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Password:JDM 4 point rear tower bar

Many of you have heard me plug the new 4 point Tower bar for my EJ coupe in my last race report, so I thought I would share a little of my comments about it.
We all know the Password Tower Bars are Bling and look awesome.They add great strength and texture to a car we love. With my personal track experience,I can say that they function as well. I run the 3 point in front and the 4 point in the rear and can notice a huge difference in stiffness in the cars unibody.
Driving my civic at the limit,I get very in tune with it and can hear and feel everything going on with it.This is the reason I can tell you the tower bars work.This past weekend in my event coverage you see I was running Willow Springs raceway, which is known for rocks and some rough areas.Since my race car is gutted hollow and very ridgid,I can hear and feel alot more vibration and the road talking back to me through the tires thanks in a part to the Password:JDM 4 point tower bar in the rear.This is really important to a rece car driver and a driver loves when the car talks back in a good way.
Not only do I have parts that look good on my racecar but also I have parts that give performance.Best of both worlds and thats what I am all about! Check these bars out and mix and match a set that suits you, you will love them!
J.W. Racing
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Willow Springs NASA 3/2009

Greetings to all,
After a long off season it was nice to get back on the track with the NASA family at the first event of the year in So Cal. held on March 7th and 8th at Willow Springs Raceway in the High Desert.This was a great weekend in my young stages of racing,after some delays and very strange luck,it was finally licensing evalutation weekend!
The rain that was predicted veered north and blessed us with dry conditions.A couple of windy and frigid nights near 30 degrees were toughed out as I camped in the main paddock friday and saturday nights.Days were around 60 and pleasant,great racing conditions. It was nice to get out in my car again and get used to my re-valved shocks from the guys at Progress, enjoy the new 4 point EG rear brace from Password:JDM,as well as get a feel for my new rear wing and Function7 Rear LCA. In this final weekend of evaluation I was put in unpredictable scenarios on track by some instructors to see how I would react.I was unsure if I can do this wheel to wheel racing thing,but this weekend bridged the gap and gave me the confidence boost I needed.I also learned more about overall awareness, and also drafting and working with someone to be faster in a race. The most important thing I learned is to keep my eyes up and observe the communication of the corner workers and that should be a rule for beginners to remember foremost. Drafting and running side by side with other fellow honda enthusiasts is exhilirating.
My number 64 Gear-X civic handled extremely well thanks to the parts and help from my sponsors; proper balance and plenty of speed was key as I did not worry about my car and could focus on driving. It has much more speed than I can offer it right now,my skill will get better with experience.At the end of sunday and 2 days of 4 on track sessions and hours and hours of class time, I was tired and sore,but I reached my goal and received my competition certificate!
This was the most fun I have had in a long time and can not wait to race in 2 weeks at California Speedway with the rest of my fellow Honda Challenge friends.I know I will be nervous,but I am doing my own thing and if I can, I will hook up with somone of slightly better speed and try and keep up with the fast guys. Time to get some points in the H1 class.
Thanks for reading friends and Big Ups to my sponsors for the support while I have been growing.
Cheers, Justin J.W. Racing
Monday, March 2, 2009

Password:JDM Money Shot Photo Competition Live!

Times are tough, we all know that... I know some of you can't even afford to go to car shows and show off your cars anymore... some of you might even have the cleanest JDM rides and it is a shame! Well here at PWJDM, we care about stuff like this. So to offer a little something back to the entire JDM community... we came up with the PasswordJDM Money Shot Photo Competition... It's an online photo competition... you take your own photos, submit it with a short bio about yourself, and everybody votes on it! The winners will get Password:JDM Bucks good towards any Password:JDM brand products! The nicest thing about it is that it's free and open to anybody with a JDM spec ride. It doesn't have to be a Honda, just so long as it's clean and done tastefully.

Judging will be done in 2 phases...

Phase one will be judged by anybody who wishes to cast an online vote... you will be able to select from a list of entries, and the chosen few will proceed forward to phase two.

Phase two will be judged by all the fellas at PWJDM. We all will have an equal vote in who wins. Winners will be chosen by a simple majority.

Contests will be held monthly... All entries must be received by the 14th of the month. Phase one (public voting) starts the 15th and ends on the last day of every month... Phase 2 voting will take place of the first of every month.

Winners will be announced and notified that day, then the Money Shot begins all over again! Good luck!

Important Dates
- Contest entries 1st through 14th of every month
- Public voting 15th through last day of the month
- Winners announced 1st of every month
- Click here to enter now!