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Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NASA Honda Challenge Buttonwillow 4-25-09

Well I don't have to tell you time flies,yes it is that time for my Monthly race report again! This past weekend was NASA So Cal's 3rd event of the season held at the technical Buttonwillow raceway west of Bakersfield California. With an electrical gremlin from the last race possibly figured out,I arrived mid-day Friday to get a few practice sessions in to make sure the car was running correctly.I was very happy it was, this meant my saturday and sunday can be spent driving and not watching!
Saturday I went out for qualifying and was not used to the track and did not have a very comfortable feel for my car's handling limits, I qualified 12th out of 14 overall.So I added some downforce with my rear wing and went out for my race. During the race I got to follow some faster drivers and this had begun to pick up my speed and confidence in my car.I was far behind the pack though so a decent overall finish was out of sight,though I did manage a second in my H1 class.
Saturday night was the NASA 3hr enduro that goes well into the night.This is always a pleasure to watch with the different lights on all the cars, and brake rotors glowing red hot in the night. It was entertaining and I was happy to see our buddies Jeremy Croiset and fellow rookie Robert Bawdon run Rob's red and white civic coupe in the enduro,after a small penalty issued to Robert dropping them back of the top three, Jeremy attacked the night and rounded out the second stint of the race well and giving them a podium finish in the E1 class, great job guys!
Sunday was another day for racing and points.I need all I can get for points in H1 with my sponsor and mentor Jeff "Kiwi" Owen in a commanding lead.In the morning qualifier,I was surprised I was much more comfortable with the track and my car. After a few laps I found myself all alone,which is rare and great in a qualifier because you can attack laps with no traffic around inhibiting your line or speed.I ripped off many consecutive laps times, 5 laps of 2:06, that was about 3 seconds faster than saturday's best lap. I missed H1 pole by .3 second with a 2:06.4, my best laps at Buttonwillow 13 clockwise with much more on the table. The race,which had a fun standing start,was awesome.After the start I needed a lap or two for the tire pressures to come up and get a zone.About 3 laps in I realized I was able to fight for the lead in H1,so I drove as fast as I could.Twice I had to nearly stop from 100 mph in a very short distance due to cars going off and bringing up dust cluds one could not see the front of their car in. Instinct and quick gut decisions are cruicial durung a race and I am always amazed at the awareness needed to race a car.Anyone can go through classes and learn to race, only true racers have the skill and ability to think and react in a matter of seconds where a fan goes "he's gonna wreck,OH he made it!". That moment of decison and control is what seperates the Great drivers from the others.
With dangerous blinding rock and dust clouds from a couple incidents and debris being thrown up at me,I am in need of freshend up bumper paint from my good friends at Auto-B-Craft collision. I managed to steer through the problem areas safely,though I was passed when I slowed for the dust,and found myself running side by side for the lead. After a few turns in second, I took a risky inside late brake pass on the leader and ended up going off the track on the turn exit,trying to maintain control doing 75mph in loose and powdery dirt,I eased back on the track safely and was still side by side! In the next turn I got in front and a few turns later my H1 competitor mis-shifted trying to catch me and damaged his engine causing it to expire dramatically.This allowed me to cruise my #64 machine to the finish for my first Honda Challenge and road racing Victory!
An amazing weekend and I am already looking forward to next month at Willow Springs Raceway. I hope to keep my luck and continue to get some good points towards the So Cal H1 title and Best new Driver Honors. I want to thank all of my sponsors and supporters and I hope you enjoy my reports.
Untill next time, Cheers
J.W. Racing
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hottest company in the game is about to get even hotter!

Even when the world's economies are knee deep in the worst recession since the great depression... We here at PasswordJDM have been waiting for this perfect moment to expand our manufacturing capabilities by making a sizeable acquisition of a few new CNC machines and other manufacturing equipment. This latest capital investment will position us to become one of the strongest companies in the game if were not there already. We have always believed in the saying "Go Big or Go Home" so much that it's inscribed in our business model and it's what we do on a daily basis. We're calling out the competition to step it up or just fold and go home. Bitch and complain all you want... it's not going to change a thing for us here at PWJDM. We'll still be here when you're no longer around.

As for our customer base, you can bet the bank that we'll be here to drop new products at a neck breaking pace. It's going to be a game changer for the industry. We'll step it up all because you have asked us to... watch out for new innovative products being offered from PWJDM in the near future.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 2009 Money Shot Winners Announced!

The first ever Password:JDM Money Shot voting round has come to an end! We received an impressive 8000 votes in a short two weeks time. Password:JDM would like to thank all who have participated. Without further ado, we are proud to present you with the winners of the March 2009 Money Shot Photo Competition! Click here to view the winners now!

Honda Challenge NASA 3-28-09

We meet again for another update from the JW racing camp. This past weekend March 28 and 29 2009, NASA So Cal held the 2nd event of the season at Auto Club; formerly California Speedway, in Fontana and it was a great turn out.
I arrived early on a Windy Friday to test and tune to dial the car setup for the track.The super strong santa ana winds made the car move around lane to lane on the oval section at high speed which was quite uncomfortable,though everyone was in the same boat. I managed to get ahold of the track conditions and tire pressures and was ready for my race on Saturday.
I qualified my #64 civic conservatively and ended up 7th on the grid Saturday.After starting on the inside row behind a slower car that outqualified me by .2 seconds, I was unable to pass on the apron below the white line so this made me a sitting duck for the ones behind me.Immediately I droppped into about 12th or 13th position.I was patient with my attack on the first lap and after waiting and watching a few cars tangle and go off track,it was time to boogie on out! So I got in a rhythm and one by one I picked off the Hondas ahead of me,along with traffic from other classes like 944 spec.
About half through our 35 min sprint race, I noticed my pace was steady and I was catching the leaders.I was careful to manage my tires and this allowed me to not loose pace like some of the other who were too harsh on their tires in the early stages of the race.My car was running smooth and strong and I was in cruise control.With the white flag for the final lap shown,I began one last strong push for the next position and though I made up a several second deficit to the next car, I was not able to catch 4th before the checkered fell.I finished 2nd in H1 and 5th overall in Honda Challenge for my very first sprint race!
Sunday was another chance for me to battle with the best, but a little gremlin decided to jump into my wire harness and my car developed a mis-fire before the qualifyer for Sundays race. Thus I was unable to back up my Saturday performance. It was super fun and all of my fellow Honda Challenge racers were real nice to me and fun to be around,I am glad to be friends with such a fun and awesome group of racers! In the end you can hardly see my trophy I am holding in the picture;but its not about the trophy.We do not get paid to compete or get to enjoy fancy podiums with girls and champagne, we do it for the fun and love of racing.
So we are off to the technical Buttonwillow circuit next month and I hope to do well after I get the car sorted back out and running as it was all year.
Thanks to my friends and supporters and especially my sponsors for having great products and to Password for letting me Blog.
Untill next time